“I saw my first lilac breasted roller in October 2013 sitting on the sign for Oliver’s Camp, in the Tarangire National Park, Southern Tanzania.  It truly took my breath away and I feel such wonderful memories even now, writing this, thinking of the first time I saw ‘The Bird’.

Many people have asked me about ‘The Bird’.   Found in sub-Saharan Africa, the lilac breasted roller perches conspicuously at the tops of trees, poles or other high vantage points from where it can spot insects, lizards, scorpions, snails, small birds and rodents moving about on the ground.   So, it’s smart as well as beautiful.  It stands out. 

For me it was the natural choice as the ‘face’ of MyCVmentor.   While it has stiff competition with other birds that make my heart soar – from the red kites around the Chilterns to the beautiful white tern – the lilac breasted roller has something truly special about it.  It represents my approach to finding out what makes each individual unique, what is it about a person or their experience that will appeal to a future employer.  This is the very heart of myCVmentor.   

If you think I can help you find out what will help you to stand out, to help with your next career move, please get in touch.”

Sarah Webb, 2018